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Tiki Hut Repair & Re-Thatch​ ● New Tiki Hut Construction ● Custom Tiki Carving

Tiki Huts Unlimited, 2018

The Island Tiki Bartm


Created, designed & manufactured by us, this sturdy  bamboo bar is 5' x 7' x 2 1/2'. It comes with 2 stools, 2 shelves, 2 tiki torches and cocktail glass racks. Fits under a standard 8' ceiling. Perfect for instant enjoyment ! Fits perfectly on patios, porches, deck, basements, or wherever you want the fun to start!!


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Custom Tiki Hut Build or

Re-thatch your existing hut 

Commercial or Residential

The sky is the limit! We will build you the Tiki Hut oasis of your dreams! 

Custom Wood Carving  


For Commercial or Residential use


We can customize tiki hut posts, tiki bar, restaurant, resort or backyard escapes

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