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Tiki Hut Repair & Re-Thatch​ ● New Tiki Hut Construction ● Custom Tiki Carving

Tiki Huts Unlimited, 2018

Why Synthetic is the best option! 


Durability with a 20 year warranty. 

100% waterproof & 100% recyclable.

Fire retardant (optional) smart option if grilling under hut.

Authenic look and apperance.

Wind resistant up to 165 mph  with proper installation.

No need to be replaced after a few years

Maintenance free, Thatch won't fall into your pool and yard area.

Doesn't promote mold, fungus, rodents and insects. 

Protects structure from decay.

Installed with high grade stainless steel screws.


Made of thermo-molded high density polyethylene (HDPE).

All leaves are 39" long x  24" wide x 0.029" thick.

Available in fire-retardant version.

Fire-resistant: ASTM E-108 certified

Certified wind-resistant: up to 165 mph TAS 100 based ASTM D3161 160 mph.

UV protection, ASTM G-26 certified

ISO certification 9001